Practice Hours Requirement

Applicants returning to practice who have not worked 600 hours in the last three years as a licensed Occupational Therapist in a regulated province or country, are required to complete the SCOT Re-Entry Program prior to being eligible for a Practicing Licence. Additional information and requirements can be found on the Re-Entry Program webpage. 

Applicants returning to practice who have worked 600 hours in the last three years as a licensed Occupational Therapist in a regulated province or country do not need to complete the Re-Entry Program.

Individuals who have previously held a practicing licence, restricted practising licence, or non-practicing membership with SCOT, must contact SCOT at to initiate the re-application process and to gain access to the re-application form.

The application and all accompanying documentation must be received by SCOT with full payment prior to receiving a licence. Applicants should anticipate at least seven days for the re-application process.

All required documents must be provided to complete the registration process. Contact SCOT to determine what documents are already on file from holding a previous licence with SCOT. Incomplete applications will not be processed until all correct documentation and fees have been received.

The following documents are required for re-registration:

  • Name change verification (if the applicant’s legal name has changed since receiving their degree)

  • Notarized copy of the applicant’s occupational therapy educational degree or transcripts sent to SCOT directly from the university.

  • National Occupational Therapy Certification Examination (NOTCE) Results

    • Notarized copy of NOTCE results

    • CAOT members can contact CAOT directly to have NOTCE results forwarded to SCOT

  • Regulatory History 

    • Regulatory History forms from all jurisdictions (including international jurisdictions) in which the applicant has practiced occupational therapy or been registered as an occupational therapist, sent directly from the regulatory body to SCOT. The following Regulatory History Form can be sent to each of the previous regulatory or licensing organizations for completion.

Information about processing and licensing fees can be found on the Processing and Licensing Fees webpage.

Applicants are required to have $5 Million liability/malpractice insurance.